Reservoir Dogs Band

Bill aka Mr. Pink takes his Tarantino band across the country to spread the word of Quentin Tarantino.

Guided by his hand, and sitting in his chair, the Reservoir Dogs Band bring you the soundtracks from Tarantino movies in their own authentic RDB style. All songs rewritten and re-arranged to give you a great Tarantino show packed with hot and sexy Tarantino songs.

The RDB is a truly unique must see experience. Thanks to their original approach they have become the nr 1 Tarantino band in Europe. A theatrical performance by 7 musicians accompanied by a movie on the background that transforms the stage into a live Tarantino world.

Songs like; little green bag, son of a preacher, bang bang, misirlou, stuck in the middle and many others in a greatly reworked fashion to give you the ultimate Tarantino experience.

Things are going great. Already in their first year this Dutch/Belgian band worked with Sony Music to play at Tarantino’s own premiere of Django Unchained at Tuschinsky, Amsterdam. Following a path that took them from the Netherlands to Spain in a lot of great venues they cooporated with various people who had a direct link with the movies of Tarantino. They played with George Baker aka Mr. “Little green bag” for a blistering performance at 013, Tilburg (NL). And they’re playing together with Tito & Tarantula this spring!


There is something called “Reservoir Dogs Band Unchained”. In this compact and more mobile setting the band can be found playing … well… just about everywhere. At movietheaters, the bar, your own living room or even the slaughterhouse. Contact us for more information about this ‘Unchained’ setting. You can find cool ‘unchained’ movies on the RDB Youtube channel.